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The Best Marketing Analytics Tools for Business Success

the best marketing analytics tools for business success
Mary Kate Morrow

By Mary Kate Morrow

Marketing Analytics Tools to Look Out For

Marketing analytics tools are more commonly used by marketing teams than ever before. In fact, there are on average 91 different marketing tools utilized by individual marketing teams. Marketing analytics tools supply valuable marketing insights that allow businesses to make data driven decisions. With so many different marketing tools businesses are often faced with an enormously high price tag. Studies show that the software marketing departments utilize costs businesses as much as the software used for information technology departments!

With various marketing channels and marketing activities to monitor in real time speed, many businesses are struggling. Unfortunately, the utilization of too many different marketing tools can damage both marketing performance and overall efficiency. Additionally, marketing data loss and error are more likely to occur with the use of too many data analytics tools.

Top marketing analytics tools should not be considered a luxury that only marketing agencies have access to. Technological advances in analytics software have made marketing analytics tools more accessible than ever before. Even contemplating the responsibilities of a digital marketer at a small business demonstrates how important marketing analytics tools are. Digital marketers are responsible for lead generation and brand awareness for all marketing channels at a business. Marketing channels that digital marketers monitor range from landing pages to social media platforms. Considering the customer data that even a small business digital marketer uses, marketing analytics tools should be a top priority.

1. Testing Tools

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Testing tools allow marketing teams to examine numerous variants of a marketing feature or message. For example, a marketing team could use testing tools for landing page evaluation purposes. A landing page is a standalone pre built website that customers reach after clicking links marketing agencies generate. Sources that lead to landing pages commonly include social media or email marketing campaigns. As such, a landing page assists with lead management and customer journey success. Testing tools would indicate if a specific landing page format attracts more visitors per month than another landing page format.

Testing tools are commonly referred to as A/B testing. A/B testing helps marketing teams analyze the effectiveness of various marketing activities. For example, marketing teams might send one mobile app notification to a certain set of users. Then, another set of users would receive an alternative mobile app notification. Customer data would reveal which users made mobile app purchases, contributing to both marketing performance optimization and bottom line profitability. As a result, testing tools help marketers know which marketing efforts are the most effective.

Testing tools are available as individual marketing analytics tools or pre built into some analytics software programs. Common A/B testing tools messaging channels range from email marketing to social media campaigns. As such, testing tools are considered crucial for everything from social media management to search engine optimization.

2. Event Based Tools

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Event based tools are commonly referred to as click analysis. Event based tools track user interactions in real time on various marketing channels. An event consists of any user interaction that offers value to the company. For example, an eCommerce marketing platform would likely focus on user shopping cart interactions. Alternatively, a news mobile app may focus on the time users spent per month interacting directly with stories.

The best marketing analytics tools will unify data across multiple marketing channels. As such, marketing teams should make sure that event based tools can support various marketing channels simultaneously. The more devices, channels, and events that marketing tools can track the easier data management becomes. Event based tools that are compatible with outside marketing analytics tools supply marketing teams easy use and are preferable. Common examples of other compatible marketing analytics tools range from marketing automation software to social media management tools.

3. Digital Marketing Analytics

Digital marketing analytics tools can be divided into 5 categories. The first category includes search engine optimization tools. Search engine optimization, commonly abbreviated as SEO, helps marketing teams understand how content is ranking within online search results. Search engine optimization tools can recommend keywords and even supply advice to improve SEO scores.

Search engine marketing, commonly abbreviated as SEM, supplies analytics for search engine ads. Digital marketers can access real time ad results and perform a variety of other useful marketing activities. For example, search engine marketing allows digital marketers to research keywords or track real time marketing campaign spending. Social media platforms are also an important digital marketing analytics tool type. Social media platforms offer their own pre built easy use analytics data to users. Social media analytics include visitor interactions that marketing teams can utilize for marketing insights purposes.

Predictive scoring model platforms supply algorithms that quantify the likelihood of purchase or renewal. Predictive scoring model platforms attempt to predict future behavior based on past customer data and behavior. Lastly, display ad platforms supply marketing analytics for display ads. Display ad platforms help digital marketers to improve marketing performance success.

Key Takeaways of Marketing Analytics Tools

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  • Marketing analytics tools are becoming increasingly popular due to the benefits they supply businesses.
  • Marketing analytics tools include both testing and event based tools.