8 Simple Ways to Gain Funding for Business Growth

Insight into Funding for Business Growth

Most startups want to generate a small profit to use it to fund business ventures. The primary purpose is to optimize cash flow management and achieve profit in the long-term. Slow and steady expansion is essential to generate profit and increase the customer base. The majority of business plans recognize it's important to get just enough line credit to survive.

According to the Small Business Administration, few business owners acquire the assets they need to achieve growth goals. Instead, they are seeking funding from an outside investor. Companies look for creative ways to gain small business funding because it is critical to survive in a global and competitive economy. Read ahead to understand the best business strategies that startups are using to acquire capital and meet business needs.

6 Ways to Achieve Funding for Business Growth

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The vast majority of companies struggled with financial difficulties in 2020. However, they did not consider alternative financing options. This includes opening a credit card, seeking an angel investor, or contacting a traditional bank.

This was due to high-interest rates on credit cards and poor terms use repayment conditions. Other businesses have too low of credit score to achieve funding or money was received from other funding sources. Those who found other funding options were able to expand, pay operating costs, and acquire new equipment.

The inability to receivea a business loan makes it difficult for a startup to grow. Few small organizations have the necessary assets to reach their potential. Because funding is so critical to growth, companies need to find other strategies to generate venture capital. These include

1. Funding for Business Growth - Increase Prices

Businesses increase profit and generate growth without business loans when they raise prices properly. Raising costs without an effective business financing pricing strategy hurts retention rates. It also places more pressure on the organization to improve its product/service.

Small price increases are typically not noticeable and will not impact customer retention. Openly communicating any price increases that are higher than 10% will minimize any customer frustration or losses.

2. Funding for Business Growth - Upsell Items

Upselling is a sales technique that convinces customers to buy a higher-cost item or additional services. Retailers frequently encourage their sales team to upsell items for growing business equity.
By selling a more expensive item, the customer receives more value and the expenses are not much greater. It's a win-win strategy for both the customer and the business.

3. Funding for Business Growth - Cross-Sell Items

Cross-selling is a technique in which a sales team member encourages a customer to buy an item that would complement a purchase. For example, a waitress may be instructed by management to offer a cup of coffee with every dessert item that a customer purchases.

Cross-selling increases the number of available package types and generates more sales for the organization. The strategy is only effective if both items complement each other and apply to the target market.

4. Funding for Business Growth - Ensure Clients Make More Purchases

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It's always more difficult to sell the first product/service than the second or third one. If a customer is satisfied, he/she will probably be willing to purchase another item later. Employing a business growth strategy that encourages recurring purchases will generate superfluous working capital because there aren't any new customer acquisition fees.

5. Funding for Business Growth - Lease Instead of Own

While it's very tempting to want to buy a business, startups are better off leasing because it is much more cost-effective in the long run. It's also better to pay for only what is required rather than placing too much capital into a risky investment.

Unfortunately, many small organizations acquire SBA loans to purchase expensive real estate properties. While this seems great in the short-term, it makes it much harder to find capital to fund business growth in day-to-day operations.

6. Funding for Business Growth - Collect Outstanding Payments

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Small business owners that are too lax with accounts receivables lose a lot of business cash and disincentivize customers to pay on time. If a customer knows that the company has lax accounting policies, he/she will be more likely to take advantage of this again in the future.

It's important for businesses to make sure to regularly check their accounts receivable records and contact customers who are behind on payments. Sending accounts to collections is an unfortunate requirement to maintain good business credit.

7. Funding for Business Growth - Accept Corporate Grants

Recently, larger businesses have offered grants to help entrepreneurs start a business. small businesses should seek out larger companies that are part of the supply chain that would be willing to invest.

Many corporations offer these grants as a PR move, so it's not a charity case on their end. The relationship is mutually beneficial and will help the startup receive the assets required to begin operating.

8. Funding for Business Growth - Consider Crowd-Funding

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Crowd-funding is a method of raising money through family, friends, or on social media. The most common crowd-funding organization is Go Fund Me, all rights reserved. This is a social fundraising platform that many individuals, companies, and charities use for various causes.

Startups use crowd-funding to increase brand recognition, achieve the assets required to operate, and grow customer loyalty. Many individuals sympathize with a startup trying to survive in a world of corporate bigwigs.

Funding for Business Growth Key Takeaways

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In conclusion, here are the 8 simple ways to gain funding for business growth -

  • Good business ideas include increasing prices and upselling items to generate more profit. This strategy will help to finance business needs without hurting customer retention rates.
  • Cross-selling products/services is an effective strategy to improve customer value and achieve higher profits. Making sure that customers continue to purchase more items is also effective at improving retention rates.
  • Leasing is more cost-effective and less risky than taking out a bank loan and purchasing a piece of real estate that businesses will have to pay back. Businesses need know to collect outstanding payments to eliminate waste and prevent customers from taking advantage of the organization.
  • Corporate grants and crowd-funding are two ways for startups to receive bank loans or business finance from friends, family or angel investors.