Michelle Jaco

Michelle is a California girl who loves to explore interesting and new things to do. She’s been to Europe, been to every theme park in Southern California and is always looking for the next thrill. She uses her experiences to craft her writing into interesting topics.

The Most Effective Business Analysis Techniques

Business analysis techniques accelerate business growth using software know-how, business modeling, analytics, and technical analysis to outline and solve business problems.
the most effective business analysis techniques

What is a Business Analysis?

Understand the dynamics, benefits, steps, and techniques of business analysis and how the implementation of BA practices can increase revenue and success rate.
what is a business analysis

Cost Reduction Strategies That Work

Adopting the right cost reduction strategies should be considered an imperative, rather than just a prudent measure.
cost reduction strategies that work

Cost Leadership Strategy- Definition & How to Create One

Cost leadership adds a competitive edge over the coemption. Here's how to create the most effective strategy.
cost leadership strategy definition how to create one

What Is A Business Model? All of Your Questions Answered

Business models are crucial to success for both startups and fully established businesses. Here is why.
what is a business model all of your questions answered

What is a Business Analysis and Why is it Important in Today's Market?

Business analysis is a way to identify organizational problems and opportunities, and then create solutions to effect change.
what is a business analysis and why is it important in todays market

Business Models Explained- How to Create a Winning Strategy

A business model describes how to minimize costs while generating revenue. Here's a look into creating that winning strategy.
business models explained how to create a winning strategy

What's the Difference Between Reporting and Analytics?

Terms like reporting and analytics are often used interchangeably. However, there are 5 key differences between the two that every business needs to be aware of.
whats the difference between reporting and analytics

Data Analysis Methods, Types, and Best Practices

Data analysis methods become just another set of familiar tasks once a sound system is in place. Here are the best practices when it comes to data analysis.
data analysis methods types and best practices

Being a Data Driven Business- The Advantages and How to Apply It

Becoming a data-driven business isn't as complicated as it sounds. Here's a look into the advantages and how to apply it.
being a data driven business the advantages and how to apply it